Long term stability
DigiPlex is one of the best established data centre builders and operators in Europe. We have kept the same shareholders and core operations team for over a decade. To control our facilities, we own most of our sites, which is further proof of our investment in the future. We are committed to providing you with long-term solutions. This grants you as a customer a stability on which you can let your servers rest with confidence.

Both private and public organisations, including security sensitive customers such as government and financial institutions, trust DigiPlex data centre solutions. In operation since 2001, DigiPlex is one of Europe's longest-standing data centre operators and leading in the Nordics. We currently operate three facilities in Oslo, Norway, one in Stockholm, Sweden and our newest center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A solid foundation for partnership
Two shareholders own 100% of DigiPlex and have been partners in the company since 2001 - William Conway and Byrne Murphy. Both are prominent global business executives with a wealth of knowledge and experience in many sectors, including sterling reputations in the international capital markets.

Customer partnership 
DigiPlex is your proactive business partner. We understand your data center challenges and can help resolve them​. We work with our customers to meet their digitalization demands on connectivity, sustainability and compliance.

As part of our customer strategy, annual customer surveys are conducted and cover all DigiPlex Nordic markets to measure customer satisfaction. Our latest survey, conducted ealier this year, delivered a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of plus 48, compared to NPS benchmark for the Nordic data center industry of minus 35. Customers rated DigiPlex on key measures of satisfaction such as service quality, responsiveness, issue follow-up and resolution, proactivity, and the our understanding of their business needs.


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