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Natural cooling.

Cooling systems can be responsible for a significant proportion of a data center’s energy consumption. Using energy efficient cooling systems is a sustainable and cost-effective way to lower your carbon footprint.

The Nordic region has a cold but stable climate. With average high daytime temperatures below 5°C across the region for six months of the year, there are considerable opportunities for natural cooling.


Air-to-air innovative cooling systems

Our current data centers use our award winning Air-to-Air evaporative cooling which capitalizes on the cool climate of the Nordics to deliver extremely efficient cooling. It works in line with nature to save energy, reduce costs and decrease the environmental footprint. This technology employs low ambient air temperatures for computer hall cooling rather than energy-consuming refrigeration plant. This can result in energy savings of up to 25% compared to the industry average, without loss of quality.

Concert control

DigiPlex’s innovative concert control solution is the intelligence behind some of the most energy efficient data centers operating anywhere in the world.

Concert control uses a ground-breaking algorithm to optimize the performance of DigiPlex’s already energy-efficient evaporative cooling system. This pioneering solution accurately controls the provision of data hall cooling based not only on data hall temperature but also on electrical power consumed by the data servers. This way, cooling demand is accurately matched to IT heat load.

Cold/hot aisle containment

Air flow management within the data hall is essential for energy efficient data hall cooling. Cold/hot aisle containment measures ensure a more cost effective and efficient way to cool the servers. Heat escapes through a dedicated system whilst cold air is channeled specifically where it needs to be. In this way, only the server racks are kept cool – not the whole data center.

Energy-efficient lighting systems

We use motion-activated controls and/or LEDs to reduce energy consumption and ambient heat from operating lights.

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